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Well, I decided to start this blog as sort of an online scrapbook (since I never get around to doing the real ones) for the girls’ school years. Now it’s also going to be a journal about my experiences in becoming a tutor for the 4-5 year olds Foundations group (called Abecedarians). Yup, all those personality tests I’ve taken that have come back as “teacher”? Looks like it’s finally time. Totally not how I expected that would be fulfilled, but when your Father opens doors this clearly you’ve pretty much got to walk though them in faith!

At the 3-Day Practicum I went to a couple of weeks ago, I was approached as a possible tutor for Anya’s age class. This will involve teaching the memorization work to the parents and children, leading science and art projects, and coordinating a presentation time (basically show and tell at this age) once a week in the mornings.

I’ll have more details later, my first step is to attend another 3-Day Practicum up in Tigard as a tutor rather than as a parent to get trained.

I’m so excited to have been blessed with this opportunity (oh, and a smidge nervous, so I would covet your prayers!)