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So evidently the new mommy-wars controversy is Lego’s new Lego Friends line of toys. This line features girl legos figures with buildings like a cafe, vet, beauty shop, tree house, butterfly house, pink convertible, bakery, stage, etc. The claim is that they are sexist.

Face palm.

We have the new baking set and my girls LOVE them – they mix them right in with their other legos. I think we’ve gone too far the other direction, where girls aren’t allowed to like traditionally girly things. We’ve just decided to say that “unisex” means “nothing girly”. How silly. My girls enjoy both the lego cupcakes and the lego bulldozer. Lego isn’t saying that girls must buy only these sets – they are just providing another avenue for everyone.

On the list of Lego’s product lines, I see City, Star Wars, video games, Ninjago, Super Heroes, Hero Factory, Dine, Space Academy, Alient Conquest, Cars, Heorica, Hero Recon Team, Atlantix, Technic, Kingdoms, Pirates, Architecture, Racers, Bionicle, etc. You’re telling me that adding the Friends line suddenly made them sexist. Oh man. Hang on. I can’t continue for a moment until I recover from Teh HORRORS!

Why am I only a feminist if my girls only play with traditionally “boyish” toys – but heaven forbid they want a kitchen, baby doll or something pink. I think it’s wonderful that Lego is creating things that often appeal more the girls – we’re shooting ourselves in the foot by saying it’s bad now – Lego is really da**ed if they do and da**ed if they don’t, it seems like.

I think it’s great that both boys and girls play with all sorts of toys. However, I have seen time and time again that in general, the two genders play different (of course there are exceptions!). My 5 year old nephew got a Batman playset for Christmas. When he and his brothers play with it, Batman blows lots of things up and fights a lot. When my 3 & 5 year old daughters play with it, we have to be quiet because Batman is taking a nap and wants to have a tea party when he wakes up. 🙂

So if my girls want their lego bulldozers to get dressed up for their party, and my nephews want to blow up their lego cupcakes, I’m cool with that. I’m also cool if my girls want to build towers with their bulldozers and if my nephews want to have a tea party with cakes and crumpets. But don’t tell me that a manufacturer can’t even make the freaking cupcakes. Who’s the sexist now?

Here’s a shocking suggestion: Buy the other 99% of legos NOT specifically marketed to girls if you think there’s something wrong with them. Leave our girly girls alone to have their fun.