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The husband and I had a discussion about how difficult it’s going to be to find books for the girls to read without having to read them first. I was a voracious reader, and my parents just set me loose in the library. We don’t feel that we can provide the same freedom because mores have changed so much. We’re going to tell them that if the publication date is prior to 1990, they can read it, but if it’s after that, they need to ask first. We’ll decide from there if we need to read it first.

This is our line – I know some with think it too liberal, and some will think it too conservative.

But with the wide availability of scanned books that are out of copyright, they should have virtually unlimited sources available for classic books to read. This fits in with our classical approach as well. I’ve been busy downloading and cataloging free resources and decided to start creating a list of what I’ve found.

  • You can read Kindle books on just about any device, so go download that to start.
  • To keep your collection organized and to change the format of books, check out Calibre.

Now, on to the books:

  • I love Hundred Zeros – they go through and list all of the free Amazon downloads in a much easier to read format. Remember, Amazon cycles through different books that are free, so always visually confirm that the price is still 0.00 before clicking buy.
  • has lots of great books, even though the little rotating images make the pages a bit irritating to look through.
  • Project Gutenburg is a wonderful resource for out of copyright books.
  • Bookyards has a lot of stuff, and I like how they break down their categories. This link takes you straight to the categories list
  • This article from Digital Inspiration has some searching tips I wasn’t aware of that are very helpful – tip #3 especially. And I think I’ll add some RSS feeds to this site as well using tip #4.